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IP Ranges

This section explains the detail view for IP Ranges.


The General tab shows basic information on the IP Range, such as gateway, net-mask and a quick overview on how many IP's are still available in it.


The IPs tab shows a list of used and free IP's for the IP Range.


Subnets are a complicated thing, if you feel like needing help there is a wonderful tool available online that helps with calculations.

This view lets you create a new IP Range the fields are as following:

  • Name: Name of the IP Range
  • NIC Tag: The nic tag, as configured in the /usbkey/config on the GZ
  • VLan: VLan ID, leave it at 0 if you are not using VLans
  • Subnet IP: The Subnet IP (also known as Subnet ID).
  • Netmask: The Metmask of the subnet.
  • Gateway: The gateway for the subnet
  • First: The first IP FiFo will hand out from this IP Range (it does not need to be the first IP in the subnet!)
  • Last: The last IP FiFo will hand out as part of the IP Range (it does not need to be the last IP in the subnet!)

IP Ranges

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