Virtual Environment Warning

FiFo does not run well inside virtualized environments such as VMWare or Virtualbox. While it sometimes might work virtualized environments are not supported.

Supported SmartOS Versions

The latest SmartOS version that is tested with FiFo is 20170706T001501Z

All supported versions can be viewed in the chunter setup file


As libraries sometimes change we require a certain version of the zone to run FiFo. Earlier or later versions might not work.

If you are using the AIO dataset, you can ignore this section as the AIO dataset always comes with the right dataset.

As of this version the dataset version is:

Name minimal-64

Importing the image

imgadm update
imgadm import 2f538996-672b-11e7-af09-2331e56e26e9
imgadm list | grep 2f538996-672b-11e7-af09-2331e56e26e9

Checking for installation

$ imgadm list | grep 2f538996-672b-11e7-af09-2331e56e26e9
2f538996-672b-11e7-af09-2331e56e26e9  minimal-64                      17.2.0      smartos  zone-dataset  2017-07-12

Minimum Zone Requirements

LeoFS Zone 13072 MB100 GB
LeoFS Zone 2512 MB20 GB
FiFo Zone3072 MB100 GB


Avoid Non Standard Network configurations

Please first confirm FiFo is working with a default network setup before you attempt any non standard hypervisor network configurations such as : Aggregation, VLAN tagging, VRRP etc....

Next up

Now that you're familiar with FiFo's requirements, lets move on to Installing FiFo.