zone client

The fifo zone client allows for a zone to manipulate itself over a zone door API. This requires no authenticcation since the zone has only access to itself and the metadata for it's stack and it's cluster.
It can be installed from the fifo package repository with pkgin the package name is zfifo.


snapshots list

Lists the snapshots of the zone.

snapshots create <comment>

Creates a new snapshot with a given comment

backups list

Lists all backups of the zone.

backups create [--parent <parent>] <comment>

Creates a new backup, potentially witha client.

metadata | stack | cluster

Accesses or manipulates the metadata, either for the zone itself or the the cluster and stack it belongs to.


Gets the metadata.

set <key> [ -f | - i | -j | -s] <value>

Sets metadata, the key can be a path seperated by .'s so will work. The value by default will be treated as a string however the type can be overwritten by adding one of the following parameters:

  • -s|--string it will be treated as a string default
  • -j|--json it will be deserialyzed as json
  • -f|--flot it will be converted to a float
  • -i|--integer it will be converted to an integer