Binary packages for SmartOS are are in the project-fifo repository they can be installed via pkgin:

VERSION='dev' # use 'rel' for release packages
echo "${VERSION}/" >>/opt/local/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf
pkgin -fy up
pkgin install dalmatinerdb # To install the backend package
pkgin install dalmatinerfe # To install the frontend package


Configuration files can be found in /data/dalmatinerdb/etc


Configuration files can be found in /data/dalmatinerfe/etc

Postgres for dimension indexing

Starting with 0.2.0 DalmatinerDB support metric dimensions for queries, tachyon in fifo 0.8.2 can take advantage of this. To index dimensions we rely on PostgreSQL.

Postgres is part of the standard pkgin package repository, it is required to use a own zone for PostgreSQL to use a newer dataset and get version 9.5 or later.

The required schemas for PostgreSQL can be found in: /opt/local/tachyon/lib/dqe_idx_pg-*/priv/ as schema.sql.

To enable indexing adjust the tachyon.config and dfe.config file to read idx.backend = dqe_idx_pg for PostgreSQL.

There are additional settings for the pstogres connection like host, port, username, and password that too has to be set to the correct values for your environment.

If you wish to use