Search Syntax

The cerberus search allows for a more complex search syntax then simply typing in words. The basics is that each word is search for so the search this search will find all data that includes this and search, valid characters for a word are numbers, letters, -, ..

It is possible to encase words into quotes to so they are treated in combination so if we take the harlyer example "this search" would look for elements that include the exact phrase this search not only each of the words.

All searches are case sensitive, this is based on the fact that it the search gets turned into a regular expression, to search without case it is possible to use a flag as: "(?i)caseInSeNsItIvE", note the quotes, they are necessary here!

The options so far only covered 'all element' searches, however it is possible to search only specific fields. adding field: in front of a word will limit the search to this field. For example name:fifo will only search in the 'name' column. The same rules about quoting and case apply to field directed searches.

When searching integer fields such as memory, or quota it is also possible to use comparison operators such as <,>, =, >=, <= wich will filter fields accordingly. As an example ram:>1024 will only list VM's with at more then 1 gigabyte of memory.